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East Nashville is located east of downtown Nashville, featuring a cultural medley of stylish neighborhoods, shopping locations, locally owned restaurants, night clubs, and bars. Residents here swear by the culture and heritage of this unique area, preserving and curating its special charm. Populated by mostly young, hip adults, and small families, East Nashville has gained back its popularity as well as national recognition. (read more about East Nashville).

East Nashville Homes for Sale

As you drive through the city, you realize that it is the perfect place to live due to the numerous types of property available. From traditional and modernized homes, to townhouse duplexes and small apartments, East Nashville has it all. One interesting fact about this neighborhood is that it consists of several smaller areas: Historic Edgefield, Lockeland Springs, Rosebank, Eastwood Neighbors, and more. The charming city center traces its roots back to the early 20th century; however, there’s currently plenty of new construction going on to revitalize older districts.

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Properties in East Nashville

Nowadays, East Nashville is a unique area bolstered by the creativity and artistic elegance of its constituents. The neighborhoods have a trendy, avant-garde vibe. After almost a decade of a quiet yet constant growth, East Nashville maintains a sense of self while still attracting many newcomers to the area.

Farmer's market East Nashville

When moving to a new place, a common question is: “how far is the nearest grocery store?” If you’re a fan of organic food and fresh produce, then you’ve found the right spot! East Nashville Farmer’s markets sells everything you might be looking for – sold right there on the street by the local farmers, chefs, bakers, and artisans. Visit the famed Turnip Truck as well, which just opened an incredible new location in East Nashville.

East Nashville Neighborhoods

East Nashville has so many divergent, interesting neighborhoods; it’s almost difficult selecting where you want to live. On one hand you have 5-Points, filled with the popular bars and restaurants and great nightlife. You also have East End, with a vibe so unique and enthralling you’ll never want to leave once you move in. There’s Historic Edgefield, one of the most expensive districts with a variety of beautiful homes. Explore Inglewood, a rapidly growing neighborhood with newer houses built after 1920, and Shelby Park, home to miles of walking & biking trails, two great neighborhoods for outdoor amenities like parks, trails, and baseball diamonds. Explore the 960-acre Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Nature Park featuring three miles of Cumberland River frontage, filled with natural habitats for birds, deer, and other local fauna. If golf is your game, Shelby Park has an outstanding public golf course for you to play a round.

Eateries in Nashville

Some of the top locally-owned eateries from high-end artisan fare to Nashville originals like the famed “Hot Chicken,” are within walking distance. East Nashville’s real estate market offers an attractive variety to the droves of people moving here every week to experience the lifestyle and contribute to the grass roots spirit. While this area was once seen as a rough part of Nashville, it has become a very prosperous market with affordable, single family homes.