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The city of Oak Hill in Davidson County has just over 1800 homes, one of which belongs to the Tennessee Governor. During the 1790’s, John Overton established a horse breeding farm in Oak Hill known as Traveler’s Rest. Steeped in history, this is nothing short of a wonderful place to visit. (read more about Oak Hill - Forest Hills).

Oak Hill - Forest Hills Homes for Sale

Oak Hill - Forest Hills is a best place to live due to the numerous types of property available. From traditional and modernized homes, to townhouse duplexes and small apartments, Oak Hill - Forest Hills has it all.

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Radnor Lake State Park

One of the most beautiful parks in Nashville, Radnor Lake State Park, is located here. With over 1300 acres and an awe inspiring lake, there’s no question why people, animals, and birds are drawn to this peaceful piece of nature.

Vanderbilt University’s Dyer Observatory

Vanderbilt University’s Dyer Observatory is located in Forest Hills. Not only is research conducted here, but there are also music concerts for the whole neighborhood to enjoy!

Oak Hill - Forest Hills Properties

This area is arguably the most central point to live within the greater Nashville area. All residents are approximately ten minutes from downtown or the airport. The lot sizes are huge in these two neighborhoods. A sense of grandeur is given to each and every home, but there’s still a true sense of this neighborhood’s community. The rolling hills of Tennessee are well pronounced within these neighborhoods, and while close to many business districts, Forest Hills and Oak Hill remain virtually all residential.

Thought its history, this neighborhood has remained a favorite among musicians and executives within the music industry. Between the gorgeous nature scenes and the ease of access to business districts, this is a fantastic area to settle down. Home prices begin at $400,000, and escalate to the multi millions.