Young Professionals


When working with young professionals, I typically start with the following concepts:

  • Buying Vs. Renting - A look into equity
  • Marketing Timing - What periods throughout the year are better for buyers? For sellers?
  • Personal Goals - Talk to me about your lifestyle, your community involvement etc.
Questions along the lines of the following add clarity:
  • What do you envision as the perfect property?
  • How long do you plan to stay in your first home or condo?
  • Is your intent to stay in Nashville long term?
  • How solid is your current job?
With these pieces in line, we can begin to formulate strategies to find the best properties that fit your criteria.  Overtime, my goal is to make the buyer an expert in the market in which he/she is purchasing, while I synthesize their wants and needs as an experienced realtor. 

After two years of ownership, home value appreciation as a tax free gain is an excellent way for a young professional to increase their net worth, eliminating the expensive rents. An average of 50 young adults move to Nashville daily; most choose to rent upon arrival. Upon becoming familiar with the city and comfortable considering home ownership, you should partner with a realtor that really knows Nashville and has completed hundreds of transactions.


There are many reasons young professionals sell your homes:

  • Relocation?
  • Built equity in your current property?
  • Getting married and living under one roof?

I work very hard to employ cutting edge marketing that sets my properties apart from the competition. Price plus exposure is the formula for selling property - I prefer to maximize the exposure to tip the price in the favor of my sellers. Examples like the use of interactive videos bring units to life on the Internet, setting them apart from other units available. 

Successful real estate transactions in your foundational years are incredible opportunities to raise your net worth. I love my young buyers! Not only do you keep me young and on top of new restaurants and trends, but you also are so important to the success and growth of the city and it’s legacy. My experience within Nashville and track record of results over fourteen years of selling real estate ensure you will get the utmost in service and attention to detail. It may be the first sale we do together, but odds are good that it won’t be our last!