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March 06,2019 | Posted By Amy Smith in Real Estate
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Did you know the city of Nashville is regarded as the country music capital of the world? This fast-growing town is also among the leading U.S. cities when it comes to education, culture, and property. In just recent years, Nashville has progressed into a cutting-edge city--presenting more opportunities for business, music, and knowledge than ever before. Home to Nashville’s Honky Tonk Highway, its downtown area along historic Broadway Street has become a significant tourist attraction and continued to grow with an influx of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. From luxury condos to apartment buildings and hostels. Nashville offers accommodations for any budget! Undoubtedly, there is something for everyone in the musical city of Nashville.

Best Neighborhoods in Nashville

In Nashville, there are a plethora of neighborhoods and boroughs to which locals and tourists flock daily. If you’re looking to settle down in Nashville, the following communities are some of the best in the city.

  • Downtown Nashville

    A truly unique experience, Downtown Nashville is home to the famous “Honky Tonks,” which reside on 2nd Avenue and Broadway. Featuring live music every night, this area is a constant source of entertainment and refreshment for locals and tourists. Because of its allure, Nashville is often nicknamed “Nashvegas.” You can get around downtown and travel to other neighborhoods in Nashville easily by means of an Uber or Lyft. Throughout downtown, there are many high rise buildings with condos and apartments to consider upon moving to Downtown Nashville.

  • The Gulch

    Move a little south, and you’ll find The Gulch, a borough nestled between Music Row and Downtown Nashville. The Gulch is a small, walkable neighborhood with an upscale vibe and many fun attractions to enjoy. You can easily walk to shops, restaurants, and other locations in the city from The Gulch. This area is most desirable to young people and college students who want to live in the heart of Nashville. Consisting mostly of luxury condos and apartment complexes, The Gulch also has a bike path and greenway to navigate the borough with ease.

  • East Nashville

    One of the most progressive and eccentric regions of the city, East Nashville has everything you could ever need--and more! Offering street art, upbeat bars, and quirky shops, this neighborhood is especially popular among musicians and artists. It has a laid-back vibe and invites the public to enjoy its unique feel. In addition to small apartments, Nashville housing in the East Nashville area consists of townhomes, houses, and duplexes. From here, you’ll have to drive a little to reach other areas of Nashville with convenience.

  • Brentwood

    Brentwood is the perfect neighborhood for those of you who are looking for serenity in the suburbs of Nashville city. Located a fifteen to twenty minutes driving distance from Downtown Nashville, Brentwood is a popular and growing area for young professionals and families because of its quiet surroundings. Overall, housing in this area is more comfortable and affordable

Nashville’s Best Schools

There are a lot of top-notch schools in Nashville. Over time, Nashville has grown into not just the country music hub of the country, but it is also the proud home to some of the most excellent schools in Tennessee. Over the past few years, the education standards in Nashville have risen steadily--increasing the demand for quality educational institutions as a result. There are public schools in nearly every neighborhood and district in Nashville, demonstrating the city’s commitment to education.

Nashville Crime Rates

When moving anywhere, safety is a top-of-mind concern. In any city, crime rates tend to be higher nearest the downtown area than the suburbs. Websites like CrimeMapping.com will allow you to enter the exact address including the street you are considering buying a home, and it will give you the criminal record of the area.

Is Nashville Right For You?

If you are considering moving to Nashville, there are a lot of homes for sale throughout the entire city. Purchasing a home is a huge investment--one that requires a lot of forethought and pre-planning. Besides budget, the buying process also includes considering factors such as neighborhood areas, schools, hangout spots, and etc. With so many diverse neighborhoods and suburbs, you are bound to find a Nashville home that resonates with you.

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